My Sous Chef

Hubby decided to assist me in making dinner. He was an enthusiastic sous chef . When it came time for seasoning, I pushed him aside with a ‘know it all’ attitude and put him on ‘heating the pan’ duty. He watched while I seasoned away and suggested several times that I needed to add more spices to flavor the dish and what I had on there was inadequate.

I spoke like a woman who had been cooking and seasoning since the beginning of time. I walked him through the process of seasoning and how too much would ruin the dish and how I had perfected the art of seasoning ‘just right’ over time. I stood like The Statue of Liberty – unshakable. My confidence in myself was unparalleled, even I was surprised.

We finished off the dish on the pan and sat down to dinner. One bite, and it was very clear that the seasoning was a bit off. We always go around and rate our dinners on a scale of 1-10 (1 once in a lifetime kinda dish, 10 when are you making it next kinda dish). I rated it at a 3, he at a 7 and kiddo at some number I do not remember (she probably passed it under the table to Cherry).

Hubby asked me to explain the low rating saying the dish was not that bad, and I said the whole dish was brought down by the one component I had refused to compromise on.

I am not a sore loser and apologized for trusting my experience over his gut.

At home, work, we may encounter people who claim they ‘know it all’ and that we must just blindly follow their ways. What do we do in situations like these when we lack experience but just know what is right?

I pondered all day today and came up with the following suggestions.

1/Sometimes, you need to state your stand (several times if need be) and then let things take their course so the problem can emerge naturally. Example – (my case).

2/ If you believe that something catastrophic is going to happen if your voice is not heard – go ahead and be a whistle blower (The Universe will have your back if you are walking on the right path). Example – [Documentary – The Inventor <>].

3/ If it is not as catastrophic as (2) above, but you feel muted, remember that the pen is mightier than the voice. Write a document stating your position and email it to the stakeholders. What they do with it is up to them. At the very least you will feel heard. Example – [Read the story of Pokemon Go]. No one felt muted, but someone put an idea out there that turned into this worldwide phenomenon. My point being, find a way to be heard.

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