A drop of levity

Here is my meal plan that I have been following for ages:

7 am Coffee + Toast

11 am Lunch

3 pm Snack

7 pm Dinner

When 3 pm hits, I am ready as ready can be to hit the snack bin. I am like PacMan devouring everything in my way.

Today, I concocted a recipe for my 3 pm snack, and I can say with full confidence that, if I take this recipe to market, I will give Disney a run for their money.

Here goes:

1)Spoon generous amounts of whipped cream at the base of a cup.

2)Pop open a can of Dole Pineapples and layer chunks on top.

3)Eat with a spoon or hands if no one is watching.

Sorry Disney, I may have just cracked your code to the pineapple dole whip that is sold and craved by millions.

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