With Challenge Comes Change

It was raining today and due to the weather and various other factors I was home bound. I was getting increasingly frustrated because hubby went for an afternoon nap and kiddo was too busy for mommy :-((. Cherry was snoozing and I had no company. To add to my annoyance was the book on chakra balancing that I was trying to read and my mind went for a spin (get it?)

I turned on the TV and switched to YouTube. As I was sifting through videos, I noticed a happy woman offering to teach a 30 minute easy Zumba workout. I played the channel and was completely hooked on to it. Her steps were easy but intense and she kept repeating “With Challenge Comes Change“. I watched the entire 30 minutes from my couch and the phrase kept playing in my mind the whole time.

Suddenly, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I got up and started watching power walking videos & walked a mile in my living room just by following instructions.

My challenge was being unable to workout. The change it inspired was to look for a different genre of videos.

Win – Win.

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