**This is my[8StoriesProject] first attempt at an original short story. I hope you enjoy it.

Once upon a time, there was a crane that was preparing to migrate for the winter months to the beautiful country of Mekano , as it had always done for the past several decades. Over the past several years, it had looked down longingly at a town called GoldenTown in its path and had been curious to descend and spend a few days there. It knew that descending would cause a delay in its flight plan and that would keep it from reaching its family and friends on the other side, so it kept going.

As the crane flew the trajectory yet another time, it once again looked down at GoldenTown and decided to descend just for a few hours to see what the town felt like. Once it descended, it was surrounded by beauty, food and wealth and everything it longed for. GoldenTown was the answer to all of its dreams. It decided to spend a few more days here, thinking it would still be able to catch the wind and reach Mekano on time.

Alas, the crane was so blinded by GoldenTown that it continued staying there for several months and missed the wind current that would take it to Mekano. When it realized its folly, it felt trapped and did not see a way out of the mess that was self created.

Eventually, it died of sorrow and heartbreak, unable to be with family and friends and for losing sight of its true purpose.

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