Real Estate 101

As I roam around my house, I wonder who had occupied this room or that room before we moved in. I wonder what they were like, what language they spoke, what kind of family dynamics they had. I wonder what other secrets the walls of my house hold?

The house I live in currently, is over 50 years old I am told. We met with the homeowners before taking possession of the house and they mentioned that they had lived in the house for 30 years and had no idea who had occupied the house prior to them.

Made me wonder – if the house represents the soul and tenants the body, then the tenants keep changing but the soul remains constant. Tenants move on due to illness, old age etc. leaving the house vacant only to be reoccupied by a new family.

The soul is unchanged, but has seen so many bodies that have encompassed it and turned to dust, to be replaced by a new body.I wonder what secrets my soul holds?

Ain’t that interesting?

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