Letting go – I just may have cracked the code.

I pretty much take Cherry everywhere I go. We were attending a play date at a park one time and Cherry was as usual the star of the show. She rolled in the mud, licked everyone and we were having good old fun. She was getting a belly rub when a kid looked at the green tattoo on her tummy and asked me what that was.

Cherry had been spayed when she was a puppy per our vet’s suggestion and the surgeon had marked the spot with a permanent green tattoo.

Back to my story, I did not know how to tell the little kid that she could not have babies? Even if I did, what if the kid asked me the question no adult wants to hear “Where do babies come from ?”

Since this was not my story to tell, I asked the kid to check with his mom. I also told the mom that she should be expecting a question very soon.

A few days back, I was listening in on a phone call between hubby and person X because the volume had been turned up (not because I was eavesdropping – silly). Person X was being very liberal in unpraising me. I felt an anger starting to rise. However, I realized that it was not my place to feel angry. It was Person X’s choice to say unpleasant things about me and it was his story to keep, his karma to fulfill. I just plugged in my Jabras and started listening to soft music.

This attitude has carried me well in the days ahead. It has allowed me to let go of past hurts and reconnect with people who have been not so nice to me.

Finally , I think I cracked the code to letting go.

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