Wiggly Worm

I was walking by my rose bushes and the fragrance was just exhilarating. The flowers are in full bloom and I could not stop myself from plucking a rose for myself.

I brought the rose indoors and was examining it, when a small, slimy, hideous worm wiggled out from the core of the flower. I immediately stepped out and shook the rose. The worm fell on the wooden deck and vanished in less than a second. It found a crack in the wood and slithered in. It almost looked like it was so uncomfortable being exposed that it had to find the first cave to hide in.

Anytime we expose a vice in ourselves does it not behave like the wiggly worm? Uncomfortable at being exposed, it wants to find a reason to hide in or hide behind?

True freedom from the vice would come only when we expose it – not letting it hide anywhere or behind anything.


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