Regular Maintenance – My Dyson Vacuum

I used to watch Sir James Dyson demo his sleek Dyson inventions and could not resist getting one of those suckers. He was so passionate about his product that just to reward his sincerity I made the purchase. Yes, I am one of those unicorns – thank you very much.

Please refer to this diagram in case you want clarity on what parts of the vacuum I am referring to. Moving right along, I vacuum my house every Saturday and yes, I did so today also. I have been noticing for the past several weeks that the suction power has not been great. Today, it made a weird whining sound and I knew I had to sit down and clean the intake port and the rotating brush heads (please refer to diagram).

I unplugged the cleaner and lay it down. Looking at the bottom I was aghast to see a clump of hair in the rotating brushes. I pulled and pulled until it all came out. Aha! plugged the cleaner back and started the vacuum cleaner again. Now I heard a different sound. Yes, you guessed it. That’s what I did. This time the side of the intake port had endless loops of string and twine and thin rope. God, my family is seriously into crafts these days. I pulled and pulled until this also came out. Finally ,my vacuum purred and cleaned like what Sir James Dyson promised – I was happy.

Made me wonder – this is what I do to my mind also right? I just tuck this emotion here, that feeling there, this hurt here, that anxiety there and just fohget bout it. It gathers in my physical and mental being until I can no longer function. Then one day, the dam breaks down and we (I know you my dear readers might be guilty of this too) go about pulling stuff we never knew existed. It takes months, years, sometimes never, to get the junk out.

So, what do we do? Regular maintenance to keep us in tip top shape. How? One way is in this blog post. Another is here.

Ok, ya’ll I am adding regular maintenance of my vacuum cleaner as follows “Task 101: Every Saturday, hubby dear to clean out vacuum canister and rotating brushes”. See I told you it was simple.

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