Sunny day

Does something always have to break for light to shine through I wondered..

Not always.

This post comes from a place of extreme joy and gratitude.

The Sun comes out everyday. Even on days when the clouds cover it, the Sun shows up. As a result, plants grow, we wake up and there are so many things that happen as a result. I don’t think any of us take the time to thank the Sun – I don’t. I grow just as a result of it being there up in the sky doing what it is supposed to do.

Just like the Sun, I have people in my life who just are there. They show up every day and I grow as a result of them being present. I do not thank them (but I must you say?- Well, all I can say is that my baseline is the sun so …). Rachel Hollis in her book “Girl Wash your Face” says that your baseline is what you have always been doing. If you have always run 3 miles every day, you cannot run 30 miles all of a sudden.

Anyhow, my sincere gratitude to all the Suns in my life. I may not thank you everyday or ever, but just know that I learn and grow in your presence. I am a better person just because of you.

I thank you Mr. Sun, as well ad your sons who show up every day.

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