Lazy Susan

How are ya’ll today? Let me start today by giving you a virtual tour of my kitchen. It is perfect for me with cabinets, granite counter tops, an island and beautiful lighting. There is a tiny problem. If I were not paying attention, I might be taking sugar from my neighbor’s kitchen instead of mine. Yes, our kitchens are that close.

So anyway, hubby and I were having a loud argument several days back and the window of the kitchen was open. Much to my disdain I found out that my neighbors had overheard every part of our ugly spat because they were right there. We passed each other the following morning without making eye contact..

Anyway, fast forward to today. I found myself speaking in tones you might use at the movies – soft to the point of not being heard. I was yet again upset at hubby over something he had done and was letting him know in no uncertain terms that it was not ok. The only problem was the I was speaking so softly for fear of the neighbors overhearing that I was practically whispering in my own house.

I then remembered a piece I had read somewhere ” If you were a Lazy Susan, ask yourself what part of you do you not show others? Why? What do you fear might happen if you let this part of you be seen?”

I am a wife, mom, pet parent – I laugh, cry, vent, yell – that is the beauty of being human, yes? I want to embrace each facet of my personality and am okay if people see different sides of me. I am ok, starting now.

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