Breathe in … and let it all out

Hey Ya’ll,

So, a new neighbor moved in. His garage faces my backyard. From morn to night he cuts stuff, grinds stuff, paints stuff and does stuff that is very very noisy. When I sit down to meditate, the chain saw announces itself. When I play with Cherry in the backyard, his paint sprayer hisses to life. The man is also very loud and barks instructions from his garage to his family, that is cozily tucked away inside the house. He calls until they respond. So , anyway, do you have any doubts in your mind that I have been pretty darn annoyed?

If we have agreed on that point, let us move on. I asked hubby to go speak to the neighbor to keep it down a bit so we can all coexist. The noise became louder after that chat. Mind you, hubby can be best described as follows – Height 5 6″, weight – 150 lbs, demeanor – saint.

Every day I have been waking up to anger and irritability thinking what new sounds I will get to hear today? I read this piece in a book by Dr. Chris Northup:

You are in control of yourself. You cannot control the action of others. When you assume the latter, you lose your cool. Instead of seeking fellowship with God (Universe) you start thinking of alternate ways to manufacture peace”.

This morning I woke up with a different attitude. I played with Cherry in a different part of the yard, wore headphones when meditating, and feel more peaceful overall. All this because, I sat with the Universe in meditation and turned over what I could not control over to it.

The situation remains the same but my attitude has brought me greater joy, peace and happiness.

Let’s AUM to that 🙂

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