I have questions

  1. I woulds ask @Oprah – ” If you could bottle what’s inside you and sell it, what would you name that perfume?”

2. I would ask Josh Gates @joshuagates – ” You are already having the best time of your life at work. What other career goals do you have? What do your 1-1 s with your boss look like?”

3. I would ask @BillGates – “Who or what has influenced you the most? What was the tipping point that made you think global and not just local?”

4. I would ask Bobby Flay @bflay – “What do you tell yourself when you lose a culinary battle? You are the most gracious loser I have ever seen.”

5. I would ask any doctor, nurse or health care worker who is at work these days @thank-you-so-very-much– “What gives you the courage to show up at work everyday? I know you are scared [if not for yourself, for your family/loved ones/people close to you,] what do you lean into that gives you courage?”

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