Sewing your moral fabric

Despite the lockdown and all, I have managed to find really good fitness videos on YouTube. For three weeks I have been following Leslie Sansone and wanted a bit of a change yesterday.

As I was flipping through the results of my search, I found videos that were captioned 10,000 steps in 20 minutes or 10,000 steps in 35 minutes and such. I was thrilled to have found such videos – it meant more in less time, so I signed myself up and started on one of the videos that said 20 minutes and 10,000 steps.

The host was chirpy and I was feeling the burn. 8 -10 minutes into the video she announced that we have walked 3,000 steps together. Naturally, I wondered how we would hit 10,000 steps in the remainder of the time. I continued this journey with her regardless.

At the end of 20 minutes, she thanked me for my time and company, looked at her fitbit thingy and announced that we had walked 4,000 odd steps. “Huh?” , was my response. She excitedly told the viewers that if we did the same workout twice a day, we would hit out goal of 10,000 steps.

Not sure why, this did not sit well with me. It is a classic case of bait and switch – don’t you think? How we sew our moral fabric is up to us and says a lot about us. Everyone has fabric and thread. What you sew is up to you and that is what makes you unique.

My favorite workout you ask ? The 5K challenge with Leslie Sansone. Try it out.

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