Gloomy to Happy

This morning I woke up with no energy and severely depressed. As I was sipping coffee, I asked hubby what was the purpose to my life. What have I been sent to accomplish? There are so many women who are CEOs/CFOs/ COOs, doctors, nurses and what not, doing hugely important things everyday. Here I am, waking up every day, walking the dog, working out, making meals and going to bed at night so I can repeat the same pattern. What is the purpose to all this?

Hubby quoted a factoid he had read somewhere. Every human is defined by thoughts, feelings and actions. You can work on one of these pillars to quickly change your mood. Since it is difficult to change thoughts and feelings quickly, it is best to go for the low hanging fruit (actions). He asked me to do a 30 minute workout to see if it made any difference.

After stubbornly sitting on the couch and scrolling through Insta, I reluctantly turned on the tele and worked out with Leslie Sansone for 45 minutes. I felt really good and went on to do some Qi Gong followed by Pilates. Next, I started watching uplifting episodes of Oprah’s Soul Sunday. This marathon session was followed by a TED Talk. I stumbled on it by chance while watching Expression Music Reactions on YouTube.

So, you see, my day started very gloomy even though the sun was bright outside. I decided to do one small thing and it changed the course of my entire day.

If you my dear readers find yourself in a similar situation, ask yourself – ‘What is the most basic action I can perform to snap out of this present mood’. See where it takes you.

A few suggestions:

  • Look up a recipe on YouTube
  • Workout at home
  • Play with the dog/pet
  • Talk to someone at home or on the phone and ask them for suggestions or just talk to them about fruits and flowers
  • Ask a question of yourself and go down the rabbit hole. What kind of questions, you ask? A few suggestions here.

All the best.

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