Bees and Roses

I like to watch my roses bloom every spring. As spring rolled around this year, I was disappointed to see no roses. Well, one or two but not as many as I expected.

I went closer to pluck a few. There were tons of bees on the rose plants and they kept buzzing around my hands and head as if asking to step back as if to say that the bushes belonged to them. It almost felt like they wanted the rose bushes all to themselves. I threw up my hands in exasperation and said “Fine, have them to yourself. I won’t bother ya’ll”.

A week later, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the rose bushes had bloomed. In a matter of days the bushes went from 1-2 to a couple 100 s. I could not contain my excitement and have been enjoying the beauty ever since. I understood why the bees had been so combative. They wanted me to stay away so they could finish their work, and I could see the results I desired. All in due time they were telling me. I was not listening.

Makes me think- isn’t the Universe like this too? It does not work on our time, but on it’s own time. We want something right now, pronto. We don’t often get it, get disappointed and reserve the choicest words for the Universe.

BUT, the Universe is actually keeping something away from us so it can give us a bigger and better result. It is preparing the best version of what we desire and cannot be hurried.

Thanks my dear Universe for the beauty and visual feast I am enjoying every day.

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