Hubby has been very busy and all working from home. He enters his cave at 8:30 am and exits at 6 pm. Today being Friday, he promised me that he would exit early and would spend time with me at 4 pm. He also mentioned that after our tete a tete he would go for a walk and be back for dinner by 6 pm. Heavens parted, bells rang and I was so looking forward to it.

Then, Murphy’s law happened. Something broke down at work and he had to make an unnecessary, uncritical call at 4 pm. Naturally, I was mad. I fumed and hissed and let it be known that I was mad. Without raising my voice and without saying mean things I reminded him that since he had not kept his promise, he could not go out for a walk. He agreed and got ready to sit down with me and talk.

After I had expressed my disappointment, I realized that it had actually created some space in my heart. I allowed grace to enter. I told him that I had decided to be selfless and that he could go for a walk if need be. The fresh air would do him good and he would return renewed and recharged.

This actually felt very nice. It is almost like clearing the junk and replacing it with beauty. I am going to allow grace to follow anger, disappointment. It feels good. Try it 🙂

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