Never, ever, never!

I take Cherry for a stroll in the neighborhood around 3 pm. Why 3 pm? That is when all the other doggies are tucked away at home snoozing on their owner’s lap. Ok, so why is that important? Because, my Cherry is a barker. She barks at every dog.

We went on our usual route today and met some dogs.- we managed for a bit. But as the path progressed more and more dogs started showing up. The Husky’s owner waited and watched Cherry bark and bark – I could be selling tickets! The poodle’s owner with darkest of dark sun glasses looked ahead with a stoic face as if to say that I was not meant to own a dog let alone walk one. Huh! Her spine straightened as her well behaved poodle walked by with not so much of a whimper and she flew by us with her pony tail moving like a pendulum – tik tok , tik tok.

So after all this , I was a bit ashamed to make a U Turn and walk by the same Husky and the same Poodle. Instead, I decided to take a different route. I got lost, asked people for directions, some gave me correct ones some not so much. Cherry barked, I carried her for part of the way and we finally made it home after 1 hour and 22 minutes. What should have lasted 30 minutes tops took us 90 minutes.

Moral of the story- do not allow anyone to take you off course. Let them make fun of you, let them look at you disbelievingly, let them scorn you. BUT LET NO ONE TAKE YOU OFF COURSE.

I will not let this happen ever again.

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