Red painted toe nails

Eons ago kiddo was learning how to swim underwater. Hubby and I would get into the 3 feet deep pool with her and he would stand at one end and me at the other. We would ask her to swim from dada to mommy. Simple enough right? Wrong. She asked me – “but mommy, how will I know I have swummed close to you and can lift my head from water” (not a typo).

To which, I replied – “Kiddo, as soon as you see my red painted toe nails you will know mommy is near and that it is time to look up”. This worked like a charm and she would get all excited because it was a sure shot way of knowing that mommy was close by.

In life, I get weary sometimes from swimming underwater for long intervals. What gets me excited during difficult times is looking forward to some quality “me time” {my own version of the red painted toe nails}. Me time is when I binge watch, read a lot, listen to music or shop online. I just shut myself in my she cave and shut out the world around me albeit for a few hours. I look forward to this every day.

Perhaps we all need to find our own versions of red painted toe nails. I invite you my dear readers to make a list of things that bring you joy every day and can easily be done without much investment of time. Then, when life gets boring, tough, monotonous, you can think about the red toe nails and feel refreshed and rejuvenated that the end to whatever you are feeling is just around the corner.

A few ideas :

  • A quick nap (trust me, it does wonders)
  • YouTube videos
  • E-Books
  • Soak your feet in the tub
  • Read my blog :-)))
  • Watch Netflix
  • build something
  • plant something
  • Insta-gramming

Wishing you wellness and happiness..

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