The art of apology

I am very hardcore when it comes to my daily workout. I am a nice and sweet person overall, but if anyone takes me away from my routine runs/jogs/walks I can be a whole different beast.

<Begin Beast Mode> Kiddo, who was supposed to jog with me today, woke up at 11 am. We went for a jog in the sweltering heat and I was not happy. On top of that, she decided to hold my hand in daughterly love as I was jogging. The annoyed me shook off her hand, and asked her to not walk so close to me as I jogged, because, it interrupted my rhythm. <End Beast Mode>

I got home and was not at ease. Typically I gloat over my stats and get on with life- today something did not feel right. I sat on the stairs and pondered. It was the fact that I had pushed kiddo away. My mind consoled me and said “Hey, she woke up late”, “It was too hot”, “How can she not know that hand holding is a no-no while jogging”.

My heart said “Hey you. She is kiddo. She does not know any better. Is holding your hand such a big crime? Some one is showing you how much they love you and you push them away? Does not sound right from any angle.”

I went up to her after humbling myself and apologized. I hugged her and asked for her forgiveness which she happily doled out.

So my two step process to apologizing:

  • Humble yourself aka dial down your self importance way way down.
  • Seek the person you have hurt and apologize. Do not beat around the bush. Say it exactly the way you see it.

Optional Step:

Eat ice cream together.

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