Big Momma

I went in for a can of milk and ended up roaming the aisles at Target. I was ambushed by Hearth&Home by Magnolia, endless swim suits on display, kitchen gadgets, art supplies and so on. As I longingly looked at something to purchase, Big Momma (my mind) decided to wake up from her slumber and talk to me. Big Momma reminded me that I had plenty of furniture and other items and did not need anything (not even a cocktail umbrella from the dollar bin).

Big Momma was right, I had to step away from wasteful spending. Did that mean stepping away from looking at beautiful objects I wondered? Do I need to turn off my senses I asked the Universe?

The scriptures say that withdrawal from senses does not mean, not seeing, doing, touching, tasting or smelling. It simply means – you or I in this case, have the capacity to tame it and not let the senses go all googly on an item and get attached to it. Just like I would let Cherry explore, but pull her leash back to safety when I notice that her nose is inside a gopher hole – I need to let my senses play and have fun. When I see them getting too attached, I need to control them and bring them back to safety.

Easy to say, but how do I do it? For me it is fixating on the abundance and kindness of the Universe. Here are a few things I struggle with the most:

How to control wants – Telling myself that the Universe has given me enough to get by and I do not need anything more.

How to control hurts – Telling myself that the Universe is a good parent and has taught me how to present myself well (the view is always pretty from the high road). If someone hurts me, ignores me, it is on them not me.

How to control anxiety /fears – Fixate on prayers and ask for protection from the Universe.

Big Momma tells me I need to get some coffee. Happy 4th everyone!

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