We have instated a new day in our home. Thursdays are ‘1 bag of trash from the garage’, day. After lunch, I slipped into the garage, put on my gloves and started going through the boxes. The first and second boxes were filled with CDs and DVDs (yes, I know I am old), so I left them as is. The third box contained clothes and bandannas my mum used to wear.

I delicately sifted through every piece wanting to quickly move on to another box, I did not. This work had to be done. I had stored her stuff away in boxes in the garage and my heart. I had been procrastinating and telling myself ‘now is not a good time’, every time. Today, was going to be different I told myself. I was ready to move forward. It was painful because every item of clothing brought back memories. I kept moving forward and filling my bag. At the very bottom of the box was my mum’s diary. It had her precious handwriting ,so I kept that aside.

I went through the same motion with another box that contained her personal belongings. I filled my second bag and folded out the cardboard boxes. The bags have been respectfully disposed but the diary and a few articles remain.

Grief is a tricky emotion. You need to just go through it regardless of how painful it is. At the very end, one might be left with something precious (in my case her personal diary). Regardless, one must go through it, there is no way over, under or around – just plow through.

Thanks for reading.

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