Beginner’s guide to spirituality

Sometimes I get frustrated at how convoluted explanations are. All I need to know is ‘what is soul’ or ‘what is consciousness’. The scriptures take me down a long winded journey of a few weeks or even months and I finally come out either more confused than before, or with a clear picture (60-40).

My goal with the “Dummies guide..” is to simplify deep questions in words that even a kindergartner would understand.

Here goes nothing:

Q) What is the most ideal way to live?

A) Yesterday I saw a full moon in the night sky and so this answer is inspired by the moon. One can see the moon’s reflection in a pond. You throw a stick into the pond and the moon’s reflection appears to distort. You look up at the sky and the moon is unaffected, no stick or ripple affected it, yes?

We as humans are like the moon’s reflection. We get affected by happenings around us that makes us distort. Instead, the ideal way to live is like the moon in the sky. Unaffected by situations, happenings.

Just Shine On!! (Jimmy Dean needs to pay me some $$ for the free ad 😉

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