Beginner’s Guide to managing frustrations

*** If you have been following me closely, you may have noticed that I have started a new “Dummies guide to …” series of posts.

The word “Dummies guide …” has been replaced with “Beginner’s guide ..”. Hubby correctly pointed out that all my readers cannot and should not be called dummies – even in jest. So please accept my sincere apologies. We can all be beginners, ok?

Moving right along ..

I have been planting quite a bit this season. I managed to plant Lantana in moist soil and Blue Iris in dry soil. So what? you wonder. Well , hello!!! the horticulturist hired by Home Depot has carefully written instructions on what kind of soil a particular plant needs, and I did the exact opposite.

Lantana is a beautiful plant that can survive in arid conditions. Iris on the other hand thrives in the swampy parts of the yard. Different plants need different conditions to thrive and the horticulturist exactly knows what conditions are required for survival.

Does our creator (Universe) not know what conditions are right for us to thrive and survive? Then, why do we question circumstances? Does a Lantana ask its creator “why do I have to stand in arid soil?”

Today, I received a very curt email from someone. More than the contents of the email, I was saddened by the fact that despite my polite email, they had taken the liberty to use razor sharp communication. I sat wallowing in self pity until I read some verses from the scriptures. One verse said that a creeper cannot thrive in the dessert. It got me thinking that each one of us is built to live in certain conditions that shape us. Why question it?

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