My journey

My journey everyday

I wanted to capture my life in one picture. Every so often my heart fills up with a lot of sadness, anxiety, darkness. It gets super dark and then I realize that I need to act on it. I slowly and gently lead my heart and mind away from that dark place [read scriptures, paint, clean the house or work with my hands, go for a walk, listen to music, do specific exercises to move stagnant energy out, listen to music with bpm > 130, take Cherry for a walk, play with Cherry, blog].

As I do these things, everything shifts and starts becoming lighter and brighter. I ride that current for a while until I get sucked back into the darkness.

I restart my journey.

I know for sure that I will never allow myself to sit in darkness. I will do the work every day to lift myself.

My wish is for everyone to find their inner strength to work on themselves. No one can do that work but you.

Stay Strong!

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