Beginner’s guide to getting reacquainted

Tara and I went for a ride today. It was super fun – not quite like the old times but great nevertheless. There used to be stuff we used to be able to do together, not anymore. But, that is OK. We are getting reacquainted after more than a few decades, and need to take things slow.

Who is Tara? Tara is the name I have given all my bikes (past and present). I used to ride her 10 + miles a day, everyday. She and I used to zip down hills and pant up steep slopes. I spent a lot of time with her. When I moved to another state, I sold her to someone I did not even know without so much as a goodbye. She had been with me through so much, yet I did not show her the respect that she deserved. I had probably hurt her with my insensitivity {shrug}


I tried going down a hill today and was scared. I pumped her pedals to go up the steep hill and she squeaked. Finally, I decided to just ride her up and down a flat street and enjoyed myself.

Its the same when you want to reconnect with an old friend, yes? One cannot all of a sudden expect things to be the same. You never know what they are ready for, what you are ready for. Best to take it slow and reenter the friendship with a fresh beginner’s attitude.

I sent a note to my once upon a time best friend on FB. I was tempted to write pages about the old golden days but stopped myself. Take it slow I told myself.

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