Beginner’s guide to dealing with FOMO

I have a 8 X 12 shed in the yard where I store my lawn mower etc. As you can tell it is not a huge space but I pretty much store everything outdoorsy there. Recent additions have been my bike, Quickerete cement, Fiskars branch trimmer and a leaf blower.

The shed had become an eye sore and I decided to do something about it today.

I spent a good few hours moving , cleaning and organizing. My shed looks pristine. Instead of feeling joyous, I was sad because of FOMO. I thought, the time could have been spent reading, biking, painting instead of cleaning. I was getting increasingly frustrated with myself. If I am here, I need to be there, if there, somewhere else. When is this all going to stop I asked myself.


I drank a cup of water, dusted the dirt off my clothes and went back to the shed. I thanked the Universe for the time to do non-essential things that give me joy. See even a blog came out of it 🙂

Replace FOMO with gratitude


FOMO – She went to the Amazonian jungles while I am stuck at my desk.

Gratitude – Thanks Universe for helping me save money by being at my desk, for a trip in the future.

FOMO – I am a stay at home parent while Emma is the CEO of a successful startup.

Gratitude – Thanks Universe for guiding me to do what feels right for me and my family. I am happy to be of service to my family and not have a stressful job that would pull me away from my responsibiloities.

FOMO – I am stuck in the kitchen while Susy is out walking her dog.

Gratitude – Thanks Universe for helping me cook a delicious meal that my family and I are going to enjoy. I’ll walk the dog in my own time.

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