Beginner’s guide to relaxing

I told my family that I would spend all weekend relaxing with art. On Saturday, I sat with my watercolors and tried very hard to get a sketch going. I looked up endless tutorials, mixed the right proportion of paint and water and ended up with an unsatisfactory result at the end of 3-4 hours.

Don’t believe? Take a look at my watercolor below.

On Sunday, I took out my various acrylics, poured them into cups and let them pour on the canvas so they could make designs on their own. I just sat back and watched, this is what I ended up with – 3 masterpieces.

Moral of the story – if your goal is to relax with a hobby, do not try too hard. The best way to relax is to not have an end goal in mind, just go with the flow and see what you end up with. I kid you not, this entire project took one hour and I was jumping up and down with glee.

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