Beginner’s guide to dealing with feedback


Missed me yet? Well well well – I have been MIA because Cherry had two surgeries. (She is recovering well and is back to being her naughty self).

So, back to Cherry. She has a habit of chewing on twigs especially when I am not looking, and recently chewed on a bougainvillea twig. You might know that these twigs are thorny. Any-hoo, the thorn pierced her skin under her eye and it was bleeding bloody tomatoes. By noon, the blood was followed by pus oozing out like toothpaste. Off to the ER we went.

The puncture wound had prompted the vet to look into Cherry’s mouth as well, to see how deep the puncture was and she discovered a whole new problem. Not only did she need stitches under her eye but also needed a lot of teeth pulled (13 to be exact).

Naughty Cherry

Cherry was at the hospital for a day and underwent both surgeries and is recovering now like a champion.

My point – sometimes feedback may come to us and it might be very harsh (thorn). So harsh that, we might not even want to examine it. But, if we keep a rock on our chest and break the harshness down, we might uncover something important that needs fixing (13 rotten teeth).

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