Beginner’s guide to dealing with emotional scars


How is everyone today? I took Cherry out to the park a few days back, since she has been cooped up at home post surgery. My plan was to sit on a lawn chair and keep her on my lap so she does not roll in mud when I am not looking.

The summer breeze was blowing softly, the sweet smell of freshly cut grass was wafting through the air and I was in a state of perpetual bliss. The goddamn squirrel had to make an appearance just then. Cherry leaped at the squirrel from my lap and started barking. This whole leaping / barking episode lasted a few minutes and left some deep scratches on my thigh.. See, I was wearing shorts and her nails dug deep into my flesh as she was attempting to pounce at the squirrel.

She and I came home and I showed everyone my scars. Later, the details of the day took over and I forgot about the scratches and got busy with other things. Every now and then it hurt but I could not do much or attend to the scratches as I had more important things to do. Next morning, I could only see faint redness in the area, it was almost gone.

I wondered – if the physical body is so intelligent and can self heal, why do emotional scars not heal the same way. Is it because we pick at the scars a bit more than we should? What if we let them be ?Little did I know that I would get to put my theory to test right away.

This morning, kiddo and I exchanged some harsh words and I was wounded emotionally. I decided to just let the emotional scratches be and decided to go about my routine activities. I finished my walk without obsessing over the details of the matter. I made lunch and entirely focused on the dishes vs ruminating over the minutiae of the scars. I read my daily scriptures, answered some WhatsApp messages from friends and family and fast forward now, I am ok.

If I had picked at the wound, it would have gotten worse. So, my dear readers, just like the body, the mind can self heal as well. Just like physical scars get worse when picked, emotional ones also respond the same way. Just let it be, it will lose its power over you and you will be whole in no time.

My experiment was a success.


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