Beginner’s guide to not give a damn

My mother was a strong willed woman. It was inconvenient most of the time to deal with her, but it also worked in her favor. My sibling and I were little when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was given a few weeks to live. We were all worried and cried quite a bit because she was the pillar that held it all together.

After the initial shock, she got up and asked “says who?”, meaning “who says I will live for just a few weeks. I will prove them all wrong and live until I decide its time to go”.

We all smiled weakly in encouragement but started preparing for the weeks to come. Weeks turned to months, months to years. She lived for 10 years after the grim prognosis. She defied all odds and did not let any human dictate what she could and could not do. She even outran death with her strong conviction and belief that “no one determines my destiny, God does. Since God lives inside me, I determine my destiny.”

My point, I know a certain someone who has high potential and is great at what they do. People around this person keep attaching negative labels, so much so that this person has gone from being extremely confident in their abilities to being depressed all the time and has a lot of self doubt.

To this person and everyone else going through something similar, I say, look at them in the eye and says “Says Who?”

Be like the bumble bee that defies all laws of nature. Everyone around it says it cannot fly because its wings are too large(label) and its body is too fat (label). The bumble bee flies anyway and so should you!

Happy Friday! Go seize life.

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