The one that got away

Life happens on WhatsApp these days. My friend had forwarded the picture below and had mentioned that this flower has a nice fragrance. While on my walk today, I happened to notice this flower and crushed its spikes. It indeed had a nice fragrance. I was refreshed by its fresh citrus-y scent and it put me in a jolly mood.

My jolly mood made me march even faster and I forgot about the flower and started focusing on the upbeat song that was on my Spotify list. As I turned the corner toward home, I was reminiscing how great the walk had been and suddenly thought of this flower and its fragrance. I drew my fingers out of my pocket and held them close to my nostrils. Nada, nothing, no scent. I thought perhaps it was the other hand- uh uh.

If fragrance of a flower is short lived why then do we mortals hold on to the past and wish things were this way or that way. I do it myself. I wish I could hide into the folds of my mother’s dress and not have a care in the world knowing fully well that mum and dad will take care of everything. But alas, that memory is like the fragrance that vanished. No use thinking about it. The past actually serves no purpose, so let it go.

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