Orange Juice

Mimi loved making orange juice from fresh oranges. Her husband Stephan brought in big juicy fruit from the farm and left them in the kitchen everyday.

Stephan worked very hard. He left for work at 5 am and was back at sun down. He did not mind, because farming was his life’s calling. He toiled away in the farm, planted seeds, tended to plants etc. It was his life. His philosophy was that one should pour oneself into his life’s calling (in his case farming). It was almost like a meditative state for him.

When in his 20s, society suggested that he must get married and have a family and so he did. He met Mimi on a dating website. They soon got engaged, subsequently married.

Mimi had always been a girl of few wants and needs. She was simplistic and did not mind mundane chores such as keeping the house tidy, getting errands done and making sure that everything was taken care of. When she married Stephan, she looked forward to a life where they worked hard individually, came together for meals and spent weekends on the beach. She was not a money chaser and always felt comfortable with whatever Stephan brought in.

They lived comfortably for a while before discomfort crept in. Mimi started feeling lonely because Stephan was always at work. No one asked him to work that hard, but he just did. They spent less and less time together. She would leave a cup of freshly squeezed oj in the refrigerator for him and he would rush out of the house without as much as a sip. She knew he cared for her because he would leave her bunches of flowers and fresh fruit from the farm. He remembered what she liked but that was not enough for Mimi. She wanted to spend more time with Stephan. Stephan did not want to cut back from working in the farm and so this tug of war of emotions continued for a while.

I will present three endings for you my dear readers. Based on your likes, I will understand your ending preferences. This happens to be a Choose your own ending (CYOE) type of story!




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