Potted plant fiasco


Long time no see.

The other day, I went to the pet store and purchased a can of humming bird nectar and some bird seeds and left the bag by the door. It has been two weeks (feels like yesterday LOL). Today, I was mopping the floor when the mop got caught in the foot of a potted plant stand by the door, and it all came crashing down.

I kicked myself in the rear for creating more work for myself and cleaned up the mess I had created. Hubby must be thinking for once he is off the hook ;). Ok, so as I was cleaning the mess near the door, I had to move the bag of purchases I mentioned previously.

Lo behold, the bag had a steady trail of tiny ants barely visible to the naked eye. I cleaned that up as well.

Funny how the Universe draws your attention to one thing (potted plant fiasco) but is actually wanting you to fix the bigger problem (ants in food). I am actually grateful for the potted plant fiasco else the bag of food would have been sitting by the door for another week or so.

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