My soul is not for sale

A few weeks back I visited my local Costco and did not find the correct size of a pair of shorts, hence decided to buy it online from

I ordered two pairs of shorts for 16.99 each and received the items in good condition and started wearing them right away.

A few days later I found the same pairs to be 8$ a piece in store. I filled out the form for a price match and submitted the same online – no response from Costco. I went by the store today and stood in the really long line for returns. I finally reached customer service and the guy tells me that is separate from the store front and that price matches do not happen across the board.

He asked me to bring back my two pairs and return them for a refund. I told him that I loved the pairs and had worn/washed them and did not really want to return them. Besides, during these times who wants to return worn and washed stuff. He repeated the refund policy again and shrugged (aah people in positions of power!). He also suggested that I might want to buy two pairs from the store and return them right away for a refund of 16.99 X 2 ( a loop hole – wink wink).

I could have done that or just returned my worn out shorts, but it does not feel right to me. I will not put a price on my soul.

Hey, there Universe – are you listening? They say the it is not an ending if it ain’t good. Are you working on my refund or are you sending a message that dishonesty rules? I am keeping a close eye on you.

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