The price you pay

I have a fixed route for my walks and jogs. I pass by a facility everyday and admire the tall trees that give beautiful shade. Today, while walking past, I noticed that an irrigation pipe was busted and water was spewing all over.

Never one, to not say something when I see something, I called the facility only to reach their voice mail system stating that they were indefinitely closed.

Alright, I called the government agency that manages water for my city to be told that they do not manage water systems for private facilities.

Next, I called my city as a last resort and reported the matter to them. They were kind enough to atleast tell me that they would do the needful.

Yes, it was a complete waste of my time, I could have just not done anything about it and let it be. BUT, my value system does not allow me to turn a blind eye.

The price I paid was – an hour on the phone contacting various agencies, a bit slow on my walk, super late in making lunch for the family and dealing with a bit of rudeness while reporting the incident.

I guess it is still worth it, what say?

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