Crossing to Safety – A book review

I have been reading a lot hence the absence. I just finished reading Crossing to Safety – Wallace Stegner and feel inspired to share my thoughts with you.

If I had to rate the book, it would be 3/5 (5 being too good!). Why this rating you ask? Let me see, I have never read a quiet book like this. Most of the books I have read have a plot and a pace. This book had no plot and no pace. It seemed to drift along like a canoe in still waters. It is as though a tree feel in a forest (a beautiful forest). The writing is so soft and gentle that I felt the need to even handle the book with great care.

In a nutshell, this book is about two couples, how their lives are intertwined. They come from different socio-economic backgrounds, yet find ways to connect and become friends for life. This book paints a picture of the struggles they face individually and as couples.

I shaved off two points because I felt the friendship portrayed was unreal. I guess it made me mad that in this day and age people do not have the time to anticipate others needs and make an effort to be inclusive. I also felt that the story was not too tight. The author wanted to write about friendships , relationships, parenting, nature and ended up giving the reader a small dose of everything. I wanted a larger piece of one thing, not crumbs of many.

2 thoughts on “Crossing to Safety – A book review

  1. another book I love, which also has no plot, but a lovely pace, is by an author you might very well be happy to read, John McGahern. The book is “Around the Lake” (American title, I think) If you want to read more of him (and I think you do) start with “The Barracks” written from the perspective of a young boy growing up in the police barracks with his father, mother and siblings. Not a sweet book, but a haunting on

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