Everything I Never Told You – A book review

I am not sure why or how I picked up ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ – Celeste Ng. I liked the book quite a bit and picked up her other book (title) and am reviewing that today.

I would give this a 5/5 ( 5 – fantastic). The writing flowed well and the novel was tight. Celeste Ng brought home every point she set out to explore. She dealt with multiple subjects and did justice to each and every one of them. It almost felt like she had first hand knowledge of the subject matter, how else can one write with such grace and depth. Every character is fully developed leaving no doubts in my mind about the motivation behind certain actions.

I would like to explore a question that is the framework of this book. How did your parents influence your choices, how are you influencing your child’s choices?

My parents – were simple people and wanted the best for me. They wanted me to be financially independent and steered me towards a career that would help with that goal. As a teenager, my heart was set on becoming a lawyer or serve in the hospitality industry or become a teacher. I was not encouraged to follow any of those passions for they paid a pittance (remember I did not grow up here). I was bored to death in college and at my job. However, the job and education did help me find my wonderful husband and with all the other financial goals we had as a couple.

My Kiddo – I allow her 100 % to march to her tune with regards to academics/career. My goal with her is inspired by Mark Twain – “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” We live one life and need to have the courage to live it any way we deem fit for ourselves. My job as a parent is to guide, advice and educate but the ultimate decision is in kiddo’s hands. Whatever she decides to do, whoever she decides to be, I will support her.

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