Becoming Duchess Goldblatt – A book review

I would rate it a 2.5/5. This 200 odd page memoir is written by an anonymous author. Backstory – The author is very active on twitter with a huge fan following. She started a social media experiment as a fictional character (Duchess Goldblatt – DG) and was surprised with the massive interest it generated and resulted in the aforementioned book. Along the way she has met famous people, inspired people to live their best lives, to create DG merchandise and so on.

The author is an extremely intelligent and gifted writer. One can find statements such as “When I edit, I remove the words that don’t want to be there, hand wash them in warm water, and lay them flat to dry. I might use them later” & “He still travels in some of the social circles I used to be in, with some of the friends I used to have. I don’t think I’m in a circle anymore. I might be in a dotted line now, or just a dot“, scattered throughout the book. Even if I tried, I would not be able to think the way she does. Her difficult childhood seeps in through the cracks of her bright and cheerful writing every now and then. I salute her for making it so far ahead in life despite those conditions.

I took away 1 point because I find her optimism a bit unrealistic. I took away a 2nd point because it did not read like a memoir to me. 80% of the book was tweets and comments from her fans, 20% about her life and lessons. Finally, I took 0.5 points away because I disagree with her definition of loneliness – need for more friends (yes!), lonely (I don’t think so).

So, there you have it folks. I am an outlier because everyone else seems to love the book. What can I say? …I am different.

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