Public service announcement – wear your mask

As usual, I went to the neighborhood Costco feeling a bit tense. This location is closest to my home yet I detest visiting it, why? because every time I visit something annoying happens. For instance, once I was returning an article without the receipt thinking it would show up on my Costco card. The cashier gave me a very very hard time and asked me to fill out this non sense paperwork. We all know that Costco has the best return policy and yet …

Today, I was heading towards the self checkout station where a tall woman with a scanner was standing idly. I waved to her signalling that I would need her services. She looked at me and chose to not respond. I went closer to her thinking she would help me but she chose to walk away. I was stunned and turned around to see where she was going. She was bringing another person’s cart towards a station close to mine and started helping him out. Was it my clothes, shoes, long hair, hair color, skin color, height, race or country of origin – what was it? She and the other gentleman with the cart seemed to be from the same country, would that be it, I wondered?

As my mind started spiraling out of control, I raised my mask higher on my face to remind myself that there is a lot of junk around me that I cannot fix. All I can do is wear my mask so I don’t smell the stink, and move on with my life.

Who knew I would learn a lesson or two from the pandemic also?

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