On my wish list this Black Friday

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I sure did. It was a quiet one with family and Cherry. We had good food, lazed around a bit and spent time on our respective hobbies.

Friday came around and I was bombarded with Black Friday sales ads. I got so caught up in the frenzy that I too started looking for deals. A water flosser for 28$ (what a steal?), Chinese Laundry boots at 30% off (OMG!!), the black Friday black hole was sucking me in fast and furious.

I have this popsicle stick on my table with the word minimalist on it, to stop myself from doing exactly what I described above. One look at it and I removed everything from the cart.

I asked myself – honey, what do you really want to shop for this thanksgiving? The answer came back loud and clear – I need a few friends. When you want to buy a product, you do think of the features of the product, right? Here are some characteristics that I would like to see in my new friends.

  • Someone who is older, wiser and very mature in their thinking.
  • Someone who forgives easily. I am imperfect and capable of making many mistakes – that should not stop them from loving me as a friend. Can this person look beyond imperfections and accept me for all my faults and shortcomings?
  • Someone who checks in on me as well. What I mean is – they are as interested in my life as I am in theirs. Usually it is one sided (lol), people only reach out when they need a favor.
  • Someone who reaches out for no reason to talk about nothing.
  • Someone who is easy going and does not have too many walls and boundaries around themselves.

Will you alert me if you find one somewhere? I really need a couple of these in my cart.


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