The Alice Network – A book review

You know the drill by now my dear readers. If I am absent, it means I have been reading.

I just finished The Alice Network by Kate Quinn and it was a wonderful book which brings me to the next order of business, the rating.

**My rating – 4/5.

The book allowed me to enter an era where women were underestimated and mano o mano did they prove society wrong. Without letting you “spy” too much into the plot, all I will say is that this book left me with a renewed sense of respect for those that serve a country.

Thanks to men and women in uniform and their families for keeping us protected. You dance with death at every posting and your sense of duty and patriotism is just unparalleled.

So, here I am – a nobody – thanking you for your service – whichever country you serve, where ever you live, please know you are appreciated!

** There is a phrase – Curiosity killed the cat – for those who want to know why I knocked off 1 point – there were some parts of the plot line that were hard to imagine (like the circumstances under which Rene Bordelon was murdered). Otherwise it is a fine piece of historical fiction.

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