Genius Minds

My mother did not study past 6th or 8th grade, I am not sure. She was very sharp and a genius at Math. As the story goes, my educated grandparents, my highly educated relatives were gathered in the social room for an evening of puzzles and riddles. My mom had been relegated to the kitchen to prepare snacks and drinks for the crowd. My grandfather who was a whiz himself had asked a seemingly complex puzzle that left everyone scratching their heads. My mother who had been listening from behind the curtains came in with the tray and started speaking. She was hushed by a ‘very educated’ aunt who said such puzzles would be beyond my mother’s comprehension and capacity. My grandpa allowed my mom to speak and lo behold the most uneducated person had cracked the puzzle.

This story unhinged itself from the deepest parts of my mind after reading the book ‘The Only Woman in the Room”, by Marie Benedict.

Before reading the book, I did not know who Hedi Lamarr was, now I do, and I salute her for her many gifts to mankind, oh yes, she was also an actor.

This book by Marie Benedict is exceptional and very thorough. If there is anyone who knows how to write historical fiction it is her.

Obviously my rating is a 5/5.

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