Do what works for you

My Cherry is not a walker. She is a sniffer, a roller, a charmer but no sir, no madam – she is not a walker. I have been wanting to taker her everywhere I go, but she will not walk, and so I decided to look into a bike basket first. Well, I do not like biking very much and passed on it.

Next, I looked into a jogger, I do not like running so passed on that as well.

Finally, I looked into a backpack, since I love hiking and walking and can walk all day. I purchased my backpack and took her on her first walk-packing trip today. I basically carried her in my backpack, let her walk and roll and sniff for a bit, loaded her back and walked. I added an extra 20 minutes to my usual walk but boy am I happy.

As Mel Robbins says, do what works for you. Build your own systems because some one else’s will not work for you.

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