The one that got away

Life happens on WhatsApp these days. My friend had forwarded the picture below and had mentioned that this flower has a nice fragrance. While on my walk today, I happened to notice this flower and crushed its spikes. It indeed had a nice fragrance. I was refreshed by its fresh citrus-y scent and it put … Continue reading The one that got away

Beginner’s guide to not give a damn

My mother was a strong willed woman. It was inconvenient most of the time to deal with her, but it also worked in her favor. My sibling and I were little when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was given a few weeks to live. We were all worried and cried quite a … Continue reading Beginner’s guide to not give a damn

Beginner’s guide to getting reacquainted

Tara and I went for a ride today. It was super fun - not quite like the old times but great nevertheless. There used to be stuff we used to be able to do together, not anymore. But, that is OK. We are getting reacquainted after more than a few decades, and need to take … Continue reading Beginner’s guide to getting reacquainted