Beginner’s guide to getting reacquainted

Tara and I went for a ride today. It was super fun - not quite like the old times but great nevertheless. There used to be stuff we used to be able to do together, not anymore. But, that is OK. We are getting reacquainted after more than a few decades, and need to take … Continue reading Beginner’s guide to getting reacquainted

Beginner’s Guide to managing frustrations

*** If you have been following me closely, you may have noticed that I have started a new "Dummies guide to ..." series of posts. The word "Dummies guide ..." has been replaced with "Beginner's guide ..". Hubby correctly pointed out that all my readers cannot and should not be called dummies - even in … Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to managing frustrations

Beginner’s guide to understanding the ego

Hey, I have always wondered what role the ego plays in shaping our personality. Ego has such a negative connotation that I went about in search of why humans are bestowed with an ego if it has such a bad rap. One can always argue that it is like the appendix, its just there, no … Continue reading Beginner’s guide to understanding the ego

Beginner’s guide to spirituality

Sometimes I get frustrated at how convoluted explanations are. All I need to know is 'what is soul' or 'what is consciousness'. The scriptures take me down a long winded journey of a few weeks or even months and I finally come out either more confused than before, or with a clear picture (60-40). My … Continue reading Beginner’s guide to spirituality