Beginner’s guide to understanding the ego

Hey, I have always wondered what role the ego plays in shaping our personality. Ego has such a negative connotation that I went about in search of why humans are bestowed with an ego if it has such a bad rap. One can always argue that it is like the appendix, its just there, no … Continue reading Beginner’s guide to understanding the ego

Bees and Roses

I like to watch my roses bloom every spring. As spring rolled around this year, I was disappointed to see no roses. Well, one or two but not as many as I expected. I went closer to pluck a few. There were tons of bees on the rose plants and they kept buzzing around my … Continue reading Bees and Roses

Breathe in … and let it all out

Hey Ya'll, So, a new neighbor moved in. His garage faces my backyard. From morn to night he cuts stuff, grinds stuff, paints stuff and does stuff that is very very noisy. When I sit down to meditate, the chain saw announces itself. When I play with Cherry in the backyard, his paint sprayer hisses … Continue reading Breathe in … and let it all out