Dealing with negative uncertainty (Part 1)

My bougainvillea has been growing for several years on the trellis, to the point that the trellis framework has become unsteady under its weight. I had a maintenance crew come in and take care of the heavy branches. They did a phenomenal job of carrying out my instructions to the letter, only one problem, it … Continue reading Dealing with negative uncertainty (Part 1)

Dealing with negative uncertainty (Part 2)

STOP - Read Part 1 for context. As a coping mechanism, I came up with a list of items I know for sure. I wrote in my journal the following: Plants growTime healsI can retrain the vine As I was journal ling, a thought crept up on me like a soft cat. It said , … Continue reading Dealing with negative uncertainty (Part 2)

The Tenth Muse – A book review

This book was un-put-downable. I give it a 3/5. Huh? you say? Let me explain. Catherine Chung (the author) is a mathematician herself and sets out to write a story connecting mathematics and life. She is only partially successful in my humble opinion. I was so engrossed in the novel that I skipped meals and … Continue reading The Tenth Muse – A book review