Room Temperature Butter

Why is room temperature butter important in the first place? Because butter has certain unique properties that distinguish it from other fats used for baking. It’s solid at room temperature, but unlike other saturated fats, it’s whippable—in other words, it’s capable of holding air. This is important in baking because during the “creaming” stage, in which butter … Continue reading Room Temperature Butter

Public service announcement – wear your mask

As usual, I went to the neighborhood Costco feeling a bit tense. This location is closest to my home yet I detest visiting it, why? because every time I visit something annoying happens. For instance, once I was returning an article without the receipt thinking it would show up on my Costco card. The cashier … Continue reading Public service announcement – wear your mask

Dealing with negative uncertainty (Part 1)

My bougainvillea has been growing for several years on the trellis, to the point that the trellis framework has become unsteady under its weight. I had a maintenance crew come in and take care of the heavy branches. They did a phenomenal job of carrying out my instructions to the letter, only one problem, it … Continue reading Dealing with negative uncertainty (Part 1)